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Today more companies are turning to web platforms to increase their business reach. To deploy their most critical applications, AlphaDotcom is on hand to help. We have a broad and deep understanding of the best and newest tools. This helps you to deliver first-class experiences to your web users. AlphaDotcom is also having best Website Design experts.

What’s changed? Today’s web environment demands more than static websites and content consumption. It’s the most open, flexible and accessible application environment available today.

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eCommerce Web Applications

AlphaDotcom offers 360-degree eCommerce solutions for all kinds of businesses with superior eCommerce development platforms.

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Point of sale & Inventory Management System

Point-of-sale (POS) inventory systems are software tools used by retailers and restaurants to process customer sales and track product or ingredient stock levels.

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Alpha Dotcom

Byukusenge Alphonse

About Us

ALPHA DOTCOM is an innovative and total ICT solutions provider offering value added services and products for both individuals and companies/organisations.

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